Medical Centre Cleaning FAQs

While we are keen to understand your specific needs and tailor services according to your medical Centre, our typical services for medical centres include: Cleaning and disinfecting of examination/consultation rooms, treatment rooms, waiting rooms, staff rooms, bathrooms etc. All high touch surfaces such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, light switches, computer keyboards, toys, windows, floors, medical equipment are disinfected and sanitized. We also offer the restocking of consumables and professional rubbish removal of medical and other biohazardous waste.

Not at all! We’ve got you covered as our services are inclusive of cleaning supplies and equipment. We ensure that the cleaning disinfectants used are TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved, eco-friendly and also safe for the medical centre staff and patients. Patara Scrubs is constantly updating our cleaning products and equipment (tested and tagged) to maintain best in class service to our clients. Our cleaning and sanitization work ensure a 24-hour protection for high touch surfaces and a 30-day protection for low touch surfaces giving our clients great confidence in the effectiveness of our professional services.

We have identified high touch hot spots in medical centres like waiting rooms, bathrooms etc. which has multiple people using those areas through a typical day. Spillages, breakages and simply the multiple patients entering and exiting the premises creates high contamination and infection risk areas. From careful wash and wipe down of toys in the waiting rooms to precise and methodical cleaning of bed rails and medical equipment, our well-trained cleaning staff ensures no area is missed. We understand the intricate details of proper waste management like the presence of sharp blades, used needles, blood, body fluids and contagious germs in garbage bags that needs a professional methodology of rubbish collection and use of leakproof bags.

While the major factors in costing are the frequency of service and size of the premises, the calculation also covers cost of materials and equipment needed for your facilities. The size of the site determines the time required to complete the work. To give you complete transparency on cost of our services, we can provide you with the most competitive obligation free quote and do not hesitate to request for one from our friendly and professional team.

We undertake cleaning of Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities, Medical centres, Physiotherapy Centres, Dental clinics, GP clinics, Diagnostic labs and any type of institution offering medical services. We only specialise in medical centre cleaning as we have great attention to detail that is required for this industry.

We are currently cover services to suburbs across Australia.