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Enjoy a 60 minute 'Signature Holistic Facial'

Exclusively specialising in Holistic Facials and Skin Health. Each bespoke treatment will be tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

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Goddess Meditation Facial $80 (60 min): This facial is ideal before special occasions to restore a glowing complexion, or when the skin is looking tired and dull. The Green Seaweed Mask used for this facial is rich in antioxidants fro the ocean. It deeply rejuvenates and brightens the overall complexion.

Heart Chakra Mindfulness Facial $80 (60 min): This facial is designed to align your mind-body connection. Using a 24K gold mask, this will make this experience that much more luxurious. 

What To Expect.

  • Luxury vegan cruelty free skin care   (Often hand crafted, from various prestigious batch brands) that truly work. We don’t work with a particular single spa brand - we hand pick our favourite products. 
  • Candle lit rooms filled with beautiful aromas.
  • Gorgeous guided meditations.
  • Guided aromatherapy inhalations.
  • Steamed facial towels.
  • Luxurious hand massage.
  • Facial massage using crystal tools and hands.
  • Beautiful Chocolate Ball. 
  • Relaxed home salon with ample street parking.
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion costs $30 extra.

$20 Deposit required to secure your booking.
1. Email: to book
2. Pay $20 Deposit 

(Ladies Only)

Home Salon in Beautiful Ashgrove. Address provided upon booking.